WD 2go & WD Photos - can't get activation code

Hello ppl,

Something is wrong with the 2 apps. I can’t get the activation code from de UI>setting>Remote acces tab.

The button “Add Access” is not active.

All the problems started AFTER installing the latest MBL fw, about 2 weeks ago. I’ve noticed that I can’t acces anymore the drive using iPhone Apps, only the cached files. The drive didn’t even woke up when trying to access it with those 2 apps.

So tonight I decided to delete the acces to MBL from WD 2Go app first. I did that and went to the UI to get another access code. I’ve noticed that I can’t access the UI either.  I unpluged the device, pluged it in and then I could acces the UI. Went to Settings>Mobile access but the “Add Access” is not active at all. 

Ok, I went further and deleted the access from WD Photos app. Nothing changed in the UI, the iPhone is still present in the UI>Mobile Acces>Mobile devices list as CONNECTED.

I restarted the device, still nothing. Ran a test, it’s ok.

I really don’t know what is happening. Please help

Printscreen:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/29878505@N04/6250886518/

LE: I forgot to specify that all this happens when I’m trying to connect from the same LAN! MBL and iPhone are connected to the same wireless router (that has internet access)

Thanks for the screen shot. It points to the MBL being unable to contact our server to register its DNS name.

I’d give support  a call so they can walk you through verifying the connection.

I personally would ssh into the box and then ping an outside server (e.g. ping www.google.com)) as a quick sanity check. But as this isn’t for everyone, support can help with a procedure. 

Tony has alerted support & engineering of this post so we can help.

Unable to connect to your servers?

Strange, I double and triple checked my internet connection, my router settings, also the lan cable and lan sockets. They all seem to be in order (no change since the time everithing was working fine).

P.S. by mistake I pressed the “accept solution” button :d

When remote access is ‘Enabled’, the My Book Live attempts to open a port on your router and register itself by giving itself an external address. This is how the WD 2go and WD Photos app can communicate with your MBL remotely. If it cannot open a port, it then tries to communicate through a relay server. The fact that your status is showing up as fail means there was a communication failure between MBL and the external world. 

It’s worth contacting support. After you reboot your MBL, do you see the ethernet light blink on the port in the back? Also, what color is the light on the front? Is it green or red?

Ah, ok, now I understand how it works.

I already posted a question to the support.

After I reboot the MBL the status led indicates white (loading the software) then it gets green and blinking, so it supposed to be up and running ok (when I checked the lan cable I pulled it out from the back of the MBL and the status led turned red, also got the message in the UI that network link was down). Also there is constant activity on the lan port on the back, even when MBL is asleep.

So everything seems to be in order.

Tonight I’ll reset the router to factory settings and then redo all the settings just to see what happens then.

I’ll be back with feedback.

Printscreen UI>Settings>Network:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/29878505@N04/6256341851/


Status update:

Ok, the router got reset and reconfigured. Still nothing changed, MBL still indicates FAILED in the Conectivity Status. I searched the hole router log after reset and did not find anything that might be relevant to the problem.

Now I believe there are 2 posibilities left:

  1. There is something wrong with the latest firmware (2.02.02-020) maybe (but I already searched the forum for similar problems and failed to find something) - I’d really like to reinstall the old firmware 2.00.35 -423 but I did not find it anywhere to download.

  2. My provider blocked the acces on the port that MBL wants to use, maybe. In this case I have to know what port MBL wants to use so I can check if it’s blocked and if it is to send the provider a notification.

Meanwhile I found out that MBL uses ports 443 and 8080 to comunicate. I checked and port 443 is ok, 8080 is blocked by ISP. I also created a rule on my router that forwards port 443 to MBL for TCP traffic.

Still no connection.

Still no email from the WDC support (i posted a question sunday). And I got tired trying to solve this situation and I give up. I dont’t want to hear anymore about WD2go and remote acces. MBL does just fine the primary job i bought if tor: local network storage and backup. 

Hello again.

This weekend I had more time to deal with the problem. The solution offered by the WD Support - Factory Restore worked.

But if I’ll have to do this operation every 2 or 3 month… i’ll throw MBL out the window soon. 

I guess that’s something they’ll have to fix…