Wd 2go problem with android ICS

I have a samsung galaxy tab 10.1 and recently upgraded to android 4.04 ics (on bell network in canada). Once I upgraded my WD 2GO stopped working properly when connected via my mobile network (WiFi worked fine). When I tried to play music files it would just skip through every file in the folder without playing any of them.

I’ve been playing around with it and figured out that if I use the “set mobile data limit” feature of android. Nothing works properly in WD 2GO. This was never an issue in gingerbread as I always keep my data restictions on to save battery and data usage.

This is more than a minor annoyance at this point so I would like to know if anyone has any other solutions to this problem and whether or not the next update will address this issue.


Try reinstalling the app and create another code for WD2GO.