Wd 2GO pro Problem

I have have installed WD2GO and thought it was working ok. But I have now noticed that it is only working locally on my own Wi-Fi. If I try to connect using any other Wi-Fi network of 3G it won’t connect I just get the message “Device offline The device is not accessible. Local documents are available”

Any suggestions.

Double check to see if everything has been properly configured


Moderator notice: The above article/link is no longer available in WD’s Support page.

LOL, I have opposite problem. I can’t log in on my Wireless network ONLY. I am thinking to setup port forwarding or Port triggering perhaps?

Check the Mobile Access status in the MBL configuration webpage to make sure that “Remote Connection” is established.

Everything is set and working smoothly…Except on my Wireless network. I checked 100 times.

This has happened with some router models that do some segregation of wireless/wired connections. The app will try to connect locally, but will be unsuccessful, so it will determine the device is offline.

You’ll need to switch to “Manual” in Dashboard > Remote Access, then change the ports, but do NOT add the ports in your Router’s port-forwarding section. This will force a Relay Connection, which should work remotely AND locally. Again, this is only for users experiencing local access issues.

Remote access issues are usually caused by something on the router blocking the connection. In some cases it is the remote network that is blocking the ports needed for remote access.