WD 2Go port issues

I was happy to find WD 2Go very easy to configure and it worked great inside my local network and remotely. It wasn’t until later in the day that I realized my web server had been trounced all over by WD2Go stealing ports 80 and 443 through UPnP. I can’t possibly give these ports over to WD 2Go as websites are served from my network. A method for changing the ports should be provided. I can’t use this feature otherwise. Thanks.

This sounds like a great idea, why you don’t post this in our Idea forum? 


Do you have to have this ports assigned only to the websites? 

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WD2go does not “trounce” over ports.  It only sets up these ports for forwarding if they are not already in use.  If your router properly reports that these ports are already setup for forwarding, then we automatically try different port numbers (e.g. 8080).  There are quite a few routers out there that don’t work proerly with uPnP, so it is possible that is your case, or maybe the Server was off. In our next software release we will have an option to allow you to do manual port forwarding that will give you explicit control over which ports we use.

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Great. I reported the issue to the wrong folks then. This would be an issue for the DD-WRT guys. It seemed strange to me that the router would allow UPnP to override explicit forwards that I have configured. I do think the option to configure the ports manually would be greatly helpful. Thanks for the assistance.

It appears this is known DD-WRT behavior and UPnP is expected to be disabled if static port forwarding is important. I don’t know if that means they intend to keep this behavior or not.


DD-WRT wrote:


UPnP port forwards seem to overwrite static port forwards set here. If your static port forwarding is important, turn off UPnP.

The new firmware works perfectly and has resolved this issue. Thanks!