Wd 2go Network connection failure (1000)

So I got my wifes samsung captivate with 2.3.3 working great with wd 2go. Mine on the other hand only only gives this error when I click on either of my MBL’s (2 and 3tb) with current firmware updates. I restarted both via the gui to no avail.

After some extensive googling (<---- spell check is not red¿) I determined there was no current solution or my problem is so insignificant that I probably am at fault.

I assigned wd2go permissions to her phone with her creds on both flawlessly. I assigned myself my creds, admin creds, a read only account creds, then hers but none work.

My phone is a captivate with the same software loadout as hers. 2.3.3 kernel and serendipity rom.

Perhaps wd 2go requires an active sim card/data connection? I use my phone as a toy and run it exclusively over wifi. Hers is full blown phone/data.

Network connection failure means that the Phone is unable to send Requests to the My Book Live box. This may occur if

there is no internet connection. Can you connect to an internet page through the browser when the network connection failure occurs.  Can you connect via Wi-Fi and your office or Starbucks and see if the error still occurrs?       

Try removing  the device in the phone App, and adding it again. You will need to get a new DAC from the web UI of the My Book Live and enter it on the phone. See if that helps.

I did have internet access. I just tried it one last time and it worked. It would appear that simply waiting was the solution as the phone sat on the desk since I wrote the support request until just now.

I wonder if the issue could be related to having two MBL’s on the same network albeit with different macid/hostname/ip.