WD 2go is compatible with what WD devices

Is it still true or the current WD plan to only have WD 2go and WD 2go Pro only compatiable with the device “Western Digital My Book Live personal cloud”?

Or will there be a firmware upgrade that can be applied to enable WD 2go?  If so for what devices and what is the firmware rev for these devices?

For the folks that have a WD NAS (WD ShareSpace or a My Book World Edition) are we resigned to MioNet only?  As per,  http://support.wdc.com/product/wd2gofaq.asp?lang=en, I can’t envision that there is big difference between the MioNet and WD 2go, except with MioNet then on my internet enabled iPhone/iPad I’ll have to go to  www.mionet.com/web as opposed to just using the WD 2go app.

cut-n-paste, WD 2go is only supported on the Western Digital My Book Live Personal Cloud Storage. Extensive changes were done to the WD My Book Live and there is currently no way to port the feature to the older products, as previously explained.