WD 2go crippled my data

I am using new WD 2go (2.0.0) on my iPhone with My Book Live (02.11.12-060). I tried to move three folders, from Public share folder into my Private share folder. These three moved folders included 8 files total, three of them (one in every folder) had approximately 4GB in size.

As a result, two folder was copied (and deleted) quite fast, third folder stucked (in Activity) and did not finished. Moved files, those that were originaly 4GB in size had only around 350MB after the action.

I am glad that I did not deleted those filed from my computer, so I did not lost them. I am really upset and I regret buying MLB because the sotware is terrible.

Have you tried with other files besides those?

File corruption can happen with any software

sometimes you don’t even need software for files to get corrupted

Main problem is not that data are corrupted (which is a serious problem), but as I wrote the real problem is that a size of “successfully” transfered files is 10 times smaller. It is not about a few bits, but gigabytes are missing after moving!

Also moving only 2 of 3 folders was finished, last stucked (according to WD 2go app), thats another bug.

I did not tried that with other files, because I dont want to loose more of my data! Especially if this happend when I first used this app.

Now I am transfering all my data back to external USB drive, where they will be safe. After that I can try it again with more files.

Did more tests to be sure It was not just coincidence. Another (different) interesting behavior revealed.
I was connected via Mobile Access, because of “Unable to connect to device.” despite MyBookLive was “Found in Network”. Another bug in WD 2go app?

Test 1
Moving 2 folders, including 14 (3+11) larger files, cca 9 GB in size.
Result: “Device Offline, This device is inaccessible; only local files are available” message during process. Only 10 of 14 files were copied, folder with 3 files OK, in second folder 3 files missing, none was deleted. 76% of data transferred.

Test 2
Moving 2 folders including 8 files, one large file (cca 3,3 GB in size) in every folder.
Result: “Device Offline …” message during process. Only one folder partially copied, 83% data in that folder transferred, nothing deleted.

Test 3
Moving same items as in Test 2.
Result: “Device Offline …” message during process. Same as in Test 2, 82% data from one folder transferred.

Test 4
Moving just one folder including two files, one large - 1,4 GB in size.
Result: Success. Folder copied and deleted, size of file correspond.

Test 5
Moving just one file, 3,93 GB in size.
Result: “Device Offline …” message during process. Only 2,69 GB copied, not deleted.

Maybe WD should start testing their software.