WD 2go compatible problem

I am trying to download WD 2go from play store with my EVO 3D but it says its no compatible. My phone is running “ICS” where is the problem? in my ASUS TF101 there is no problem. But i am interested in the EVO 3D. Can someone help me please?

Well dude it should work as long as you have a supported version of the OS

were are you downloading the file from?

Any custom rom you installed?

I have ICS 4.0 Android but i have a custom rom? can be that the problem? i dont understand why because the android version is 4.0…

I have the S2 with ICS 4.0 an the app was installed and works properly so it could be a problem with the custom rom

where are you downloading the app from?

from play store! from where can idownloaded also?

The problem was that i had my phone rooted… now its ok ive installed allready! thanks!