WD 2GO and WD 2GO PRO Freezes on HTC Velocity 4G with MP#

Hi Ya - 3 problems:

1) I have a Telstra HTC Velocity 4G Android with ICS.  WD 2GO/PRO freezes when I try to stream from my WD MYBOOK.  I have to reboot the phone to close the app.  Other file types e.g M4a seem to stream ok with the native Android Player Connected Media via WD 2GO PRO except…

  1. M4p files.  I get the message “No viewer App” and

  2. I cannot stream and play video files. AVI, MKV, DiVX, etc.  I can if I use the native Connected Media player on the HTC.

Is this WD 2go or me?

That’s rare. I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 and no problems so far. Do you have a ROM or the official ICS.