WD 2go and Apple TV 2

I have installed WD 2go on my iPad. I can use the iPad to watch all my videos stored on the “Shared Videos” on my MBL. However, when I use AirPlay in order to watch the videos on my Apple TV 2 it is only possible to send the sound to Apple TV 2. Is it possible in any way to get the whole video to stream to my Apple TV ?

I seems strange that it is possible to stream the sound but not the pictures.

Has anyone experienced the same limitation and what is the fix?

 I found the solution tonight. Download “Plug Play” from the AppStore. The user interface is not as nice as iTunes but it will do the job. I am happy - very nice that you don’t have to connect through your PC/Mac or have the movies downloaded to your iPad.

I hope that WD 2go will be improved in the future, so features like this will be available.