WD 20ears cannot align the hard drive


I just bought yesterday the WD 20ears to use on XP.

According to your website, in order to use it i have to run Western Digital Advance Format.

But when, i launch your utility my hard drive doen’t appear but it appears on windows ’ explorer.

So, i tried the second method using Paragon WD Align.

This software gives me this information :

Disk 1, model WDC WD20ears-OOMVWBO, 1863 GB

Musik (S:), NTFS, 1863 GB, Dynamic NTFS volume cannot be aligned.

Using Disk Management on my Windows XP, my hard drive appears to be healthy (Simple Volume).

Please give me a solution asap (i don’t have much time to spend on this issue, i already spent an entire day).

Best regards

As said before, the hard drive was a “simple volume” and a dynamic disk.

So, i converted it to a basic disk and formatted it as a primary disk.

After this, WDC Advance Format was able to recognize my hard drive and therefore align it.

The WDC ADV Format is still completing the alignment.

I cross the fingers.

So basically,

  1. Format your hard drive (primary volume and basic disk)

See here how to convert from basic to dynamic or from dynamic to basic http://support.microsoft.com/kb/309044

  1. Launch WDC Adv Format

Same issue here,

AcronisAlignTool (AcronisAlignTool_s_e_314.exe) did not work.

WD Align System Utility, Powered by  Paragon did work!!


Windows XP

Type HD: WDC WD20 EARS-00MVWB0 (2TB)

Harddrive in Extenal USB case (A.C.Ryan)

New harddrive (clean install)

1 partition (primary)

What did I do?:

  • Installed harddisk in external case, and connected it to laptop

  • run… diskmgmt.msc

  • made primary partition, give drive name and assign drive letter

  • format NTFS in default mode

  • run align software

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