WD 2002FAEX 2TB Caviar Black 6Gb/s Errors


I bought this drive back in February 2011 and everything has been fine but I’ve noticed the drive is loud when reading photos once I’ve opened the folder to view them for editing. This isn’t the normal reading, or if it is, it’s quite aggressive at doing so and not loading the images up faster enough than what I’m used to.

Is this an indication of a failure?

I ran HDDScan and it is showing a warning for UltraDMA CRC Errors. Screenshot (minus serial number) > http://img853.imageshack.us/img853/8809/wdcb2tberror.png

I have 3 other WD drives - Caviar Green 2TB 3GB/s - which show up errors too. In fact the only drive in my PC that doesn’t show up errors is my SSD.

I’m not sure what I can do here to fix this or if I am simply worrying over nothing. Thanks.


That maybe an indicator of failure or maybe your drive is not failing at all… I recommend you to test the drive, you can use TestDisk or Data Lifeguard Diagnostics from the WD website, to see if the drive has either data corruption or bad sectors.-

I have done a quick scan using WD Lifeguard Diag. and that showed up as ok with no issues detected.

Do you think I should do the full scan to search for bad sectors, etc - bearing in mind it says it could take 10 hours?

I tried TestDisk but that was too complicated and didn’t really understand how to use it.

Thank you.

I will do so, just to determent if the drive have a bad sector, no matter how long it takes.

Thank you oxter, I will set aside time this weekend to running the full sector scan and post back the results.  I can’t afford to lose any data and it certainly is worth doing, even to be on the safe side.

if you cant afford losing data remenber… backup backup backup

the hdd is the most weak part on a computer

I ran the scan, which took just 4.5 hours, and it came back ok which is great news!

I bought another HDD to image this drive with what cash I had left, I can’t afford to backup every drive I have but will aim to have a spare HDD for every drive I own and place that in a safe.

I got my new WD2002FAEX and plugged it into my board’s SATA3 port (Marvell controller) and it didn’t detect the disk.

I then connected it to a SATA2 port, same result, no detection. I then jumpered pins 5 and 6 to limit the drive to 3Gbps and then it was detected. 

I also tested the disk with WD tool and the test results said the drive was fine, then one minute into Windows 7 installation I got an I/O error, after rebooting I realized the drive wasn’t working mechanically, the POST detection showed a drive with a blank description and the BIOS and Windows installation showed a volume with 0,0GB.

Now I have a cool and expensive paperweight… The drive is dead in less than a day. :frowning: