I´ve two WD20EARS and i need a RAID1 Raidsonic ICY Box type IB-RD4320. I´ve formatted my HDD´s and use the align tool from Acronis, now i take the HDD´s in my chassis. It brings an error. Only 0ne HDD is okay. Can somebody help me ?

What is the error that reports? You may run an Extended Testo to the drive using DLG.  For the test the drive needs to be installed in the computer, and not configured in RAID.

The HDD´s are ok ! I´ve formated the HDD´s with NTFS and use the acronis align tool. The HDD´s seperatly are okay, no error. If i insert the HDD´s with this configuration in the external RAID USB 2.0, the LED A is lighting. In the ICY Manual is this an error of HDD A. Why lighting the LED A and bring an error ?