WD 2 TB HDD has light but drive wont spin up

I bought a WD ext 2 TB hard drive about 18 months ago and have used it  3-4 times before it stopped working. Unfortunately this was my back up drive that has my life on it. When plugged in, it has a solid light that is on, but the drive itself does not spin at all. I have tried several power sources and cables to no avail. …I have heard of freezing the drive, but am afraid to try that extreme …Someone please help!!

well sorry dude…  contact a professional to retrieve your data

trusting your important data to one drive is not a backup 

Storage: external drive with files

Backup : two drives that contain the same data 

Freezing the drive will not help, this may be valid for older drives, but it has no impact in modern drives.  You can try using a data recovery software or take the drive to a data recovery specialist.