WD 2 TB Green only showing 932 GB

I have been running this drive for a couple of years with no issue. It’s just a media drive with 1 partition. I have approx. 1.5 TB of data on the drive. One day I went to access the drive (I set it up as a shared drive) and couldn’t detect it. I looked in disk manager and it said it was a 932 GB drive with a raw file table and asked me if I wanted to format it. I did not. I have been looking for some possible problems. Things that I have done already are: - Ran GetMyDataBack. It retrieved most of the 932 GB. - Ran Partition Magic. It saw the same 932 GB. Any ideas what happened and how to restore the 2 TB?


It looks like a corrupted partition. If you tried using data recovery software without success then I recommend you contact a data recovery company.