WD 2 GO Sort Issue & Missing Files on UPNP Apps

I’ve recently bought my mybooklive, and am having trouble with the app. The sorting on my music is all skewy. It starts listing them in alphabetical order, but after a scroll down for 10 seconds, it freezes for a second and then goes back to the start of the alphabet again! However, the songs it now displays were not in the original list. How bizzare. anyone else had this problem? With the lack of search functionality in the app, the sort thing has basically killed the used of the app, as i have about 500gb of music to sift through

So i tried using a few UPNP players from the android app store, and all of them have the same issue - they dont show my entire library, instead they show most of ‘A’ and then a few random others, but they are the same in all apps. Anyone know why this might be?


From the My Book dashboard you can try selecting the option to rescan the media library, also be sure to have the latest firmware update installed. Check page 113 of the manual.



My Book firmware update