WD 2 Go Search

Love the WD 2 Go App that makes my ipad get my music off my My Book Live Duo and then deliver that music via Blue Tooth to my stereo.  The ipad works like a giant remote or jukebox interface allowing you to choose songs to play while walking around the house, no TV needs to be on (as with WD Live TV, which is cool too).  Great job on the WD 2 Go App and the whole networking thing, folks.

I’ve organized my music into folders and albums, but I have around 4000 cds and it would really be nice to be able to search by artist or song, just like in iTunes.  It would be so nice, in fact, that I’d be willing to contribute to any project–or buy any WD stock–that was headed in that direction!!

Seriously, it would be SO NICE to be able to search my songs.  I suppose the problem is that you can’t know what someone is going to upload to the Live Duo–photos, video etc etc, so a search function could be tricky.  I notice that FileBrowser–a similar app–doesn’t have search either.  I hope there is some solution, and if there is, just let me know how much WD stock I should buy!!



I think search must be done quickly in mobile apps.

Also a music player able to do and to play lists.

And last but not least possibility to change folder in automatically upload pictures and videos.

Hope soon you will improve apps.