WD 2 Go.com and WD 2 Go iOS app


i just purchased a 2tb mybook live

i upgraded the firmware to the latest… installed all the software and all that

when im home on the same network as the mbl it works great (as expected)

when im on the go on a different network… things change

i was at the hospital yesterday on their wifi. i pulled out my macbook air and went to wd2go.com to mount my mbl to my macbook air… it signed in and everything… but the folders were insanly slow to load… each folder took maybe 30-45 seconds… so i figured it was just the over populated wifi

just for laughs… i pulled out my ipad 2… connected to the SAME network as my macbook air… and opened the wd2go iOS app… it was SOOOO much faster… each folder took 3 - 5 seconds to load

so my point is.

is there something im missing? i love the speed i was getting on my ipad… i want that speed on my mac too… how do i get it?

if i cant get this speed on my mac… the concept of “personal cloud” is basically useless other than browsing pics on my ipad… i cant do any real document work on my ipad


It doesn’t work the same way. The app loads cached files for speed and direct access, and doesn’t check the security as tightly as the web version since it expects you to be the owner of your mobile device. The web version needs to encrypt the connection for security and it’s the reason it asks for 2 passwords, one to log your e-mail (As multiple users can be given access) and one to access your private share, plus it’s Java-based.

WD expects me to use WD 2Go from a public computer on a library if needed so they need to have it secured, while they don’t expect me to be lending my Android phone to anyone since it’s more personal than any computer; that’s why you have the 2 options.

If you prefer security over speed then use the web version. If you need speed rather than security then use the mobile version. The concept of “personal cloud” is basically useless if you can’t have a secure connection.

Actually that is not the correct explanation.

Both of the methods us HTTPS which encrypts all data transfers. We use our own custom protocol for Mobile Apps. For Computers we use WebDAV.

Our own custom protocol is much lighter weight than WebDAV and thus you can get all the info for a single directory listing with a single request/response without extra bloat.  The OS will only mount drives based on a standard protocol such as WebDAV. 

Normally WD Pro opening of a directory is much faster than the 3 to 5 seconds as you cite, so it seems clear to me that the connection is very slow.  In such a slow-connection situation, the WebDAV protocol, which was already somewhat slow will be even more pronounced.


That’s a nicer way to put it :smiley: