WD 2 Go App (Everyone Read)

Please comment on my two ideas in the software and apps ideas board so we can see them implemented in the next update! Search for “WD 2 Go App Update” without the quotation marks. There should be two ideas with that title. One will integrate a video player into the app that can play video files not supported by your device, allow pictures and videos to be saved to camera roll (for iOS devices), and allow us to transfer all media from our devices to our WD Network Drives wirelessly; I.e. to sync them. The other will allow us to play movies downloaded from iTunes on our computers on our devices (storing them on our WD drives; not having to store them on our device’s drives allowing for hundreds of hours of movies to be accessed and played on our devices anywhere there is an Internet connection, also being able to download them to our devices for viewing offline). With this feature we can buy as many movies as our WD drives will hold from iTunes and access them from our devices as well as stream the to our TVs via AirPlay and an Apple TV. YOU MUST COMMENT ON THESE IDEAS WITH POSITIVE FEEDBACK AND AGREEMENT FOR THEM TO BE IMPLEMENTED. Thanks, Tyler

Here is the URL for the search results mentioned above: http://community.wdc.com/t5/forums/searchpage/tab/message?filter=location&location=idea-board%3Asoftware_ideas&q=WD+2+go+app+update

Not bad ideas.  

I think the synch between wd2go and iTunes would be an excellent development, as I already use the set up with real player on my laptop. The video player idea would also be extremely helpful.