Wd 2.5 Black recongnizes by Windows but not able to open. No noise

Hi all,
I have a WD 2.5" black hard drive, used in a desktop system
The BIOS and Windows is able to recognize it and it shows up under the device manager. Under Disk in device manager it shows that the device is function properly.
However the drive shows up drive G: but when you tried to get properties or double click on it the window explorer will just hang.
The G: volume also does not show used / capacity on it. Just says New Volume
When I try to launch disk management it will just hang with the spinning circle.
When I try to run the WD Diag tool it will launch but then disappear and never show back up again.
When I boot the pc I head the motor of the drive spinning up but I do not hear any clicking noise or other noise.
When it first happened I was working on a file and then all of sudden it feels the drive is locked up and can not access any files on it.
Should of took a screenshot of the directories so I know what was on there.
Any suggestions will be helpful at this point, namely, which part of the drive actually physically failed.