WD 1TB Portable USB 3.0/2.0 Hard Drive - Not on my computer- lost all my files

Hello Everyone,

I’m righting in a state of complete distress!

I purchased the above hard drive ONLY TWO WEEKS AGO and it has now become unrecognized in my computer.  I have tried the START right click on the “my computer”- manage - disk management and the drive shows up as G drive 931gb RAW healthy primary partition.  The white light is constant now…

Initially when problems began yesterday I had didn’t have the drive showing on my computer and it also was showing in disk management as G drive, 536gb free, a continuous flashing white light and after a period of time I could open the hard drive and see the folders but the folders were empty???

I followed the instructions of a few threads on this forum and downloaded the testdisk 6.12 and ran the program…well the program/laptop crashed after 30% and now I’m in a worse situation!!! It appears that all my files are GONE??? I’ve got the last 6 years worth of pictures of my family I just transferred onto it that I’ll be absolutely devastated if they’re lost!

All I seem to hear is the same common faults…Surely WD can’t be happy to let this carry on continue???

I hope someone can help me with a solution to either recover the hard drive to work again or some way of getting the pictures off it??? I’m a bit pissed off that the hard drive is showing as empty considering there’s nearly 500+gb worth of stuff on it?

Thanks in advance


Sometimes this will work to repair a Raw disk http://support.microsoft.com/kb/214579  It’s actually to convert FAT32 to NTFS but frequently fixes the Raw problem. I’ve seen it posted on a few different forums. Next time never trust important data to just one drive no matter who makes it.