WD 1tb portable 2.5" failure to initialise

Hi all ,:smiley:

I’ve had a friend pass me her WD drive as it’s failed and will no longer be recognised in Windows.

Model: WD10TMVV-11TK7S1

Inside Windows Disk mgmt, it detects the drive however says “not initialised”, you try initialise the try and it says “Error: Media is write protected”.

The drive is just under a year old, has non-backed up data on it which she would prefer not to lose.

Anyone else had the same drive fail like this?, I’ve just been quoted $750-2500 NZD to fix =/ 

The drive has not been dropped at all and this started happening after a reboot.

Any recommendations would be appreciated, I’m presuming I need to use the data forensics guys just curious if anyone has expierenced the exact same issues, I couldn’t really get any definitive answers via google.

Cheers - Seth


This is most unfortunate.

If the drive is spinning and shows up in Disk Management, but cannot be accessed, then the drive’s partition table is most likely damaged or corrupted. It may be possible to still extract the data utilizing data recovery software. Western Digital does not provide data recovery software. However, there are several kinds of Data Recovery software available. If you do a web search for Data Recovery it will yield plenty of data recovery software options.

If all troubleshooting options and data recovery applications relevant to your drive do not result in a positive outcome, then you will need to contact a data recovery company to retrieve your data.  We have a list of recommended preferred data recovery partners that you can use for data recovery services.


same problem, VCD/Smartwave unlocker program wont show or open, cant reinstall ??? VCD , i know the password but cant put it in to unlock drive as software not there and wont allow recovery format or par as its locked - write protected ???