WD 1TB Live randomly blocks players

I have the 1TB WBMy Book Live using it as a media server for a number of media players, blu-ray players, PS3, 360 and stero receivers.  Randomly I will fire up the stereo receiver and it will state - ‘Access Denied’.  CHeck other components and basically the same thing.  All that needs to be done is go into the MyBook Live UI, under the settings/media/twonky service ‘tab’, the devices are blocked.  After unchekcing the boxes, all goes back to normal.  Sometimes later that day, perhaps 2 days from then, it will become blocked again.  Is there a settings ‘save’ somehwere?  IS this a common occurence?  How can this be remedied?  Can someone help please.  

Thank you for any assistance offered.

Hi there, there’s an option to import / save your configuration under Settings> Utilities> Import/Export current configuration, but it will put it on a file.

I don’t think what you face is normal because I does not happen with my MBL, what if you do a firmware update?

I will try the import option, but what will that be doing?  Is that instead of the unblock method?  Just reloading a ‘good’ config. when the old one fails?  I have done the most current firmware upgrade as well.

Thank you for your assistance.