Wd 1tb i/o errors!?

Hello All.

I have a 1TB WD External disk. It only have a few months, and i only used it for backup, 8/9 times, with only 40% space occupied. Went to use it again, and i can’t believe what happened! I connect it, the computer recognize it, but suddenly stops! I see the files, but i cannot acess it, and then computer hangs. When triyng to copy to or from it, it gives me the toshiba error!

Tried on a i7, with 6gb memory, and that happens again: computer freeze and another I/O error. Went to and old toshiba, and same. Remove the disk, and all works again!!!

This disk, never had a bump, it’s on a protetive case, anti static, and IT CRASH??? without use? i’m a seagate customer, but bought this disk to try WD, and i’m really dissapointed with this! one of my seagate external, goes with me to everywhere: car, work, airports. It bumped, crashed at least 2 times from the desk, etc… and works fine! FINE! This is protected, and IT CRASH???

I need your help and apreciate your ideas, to find a way to retrieve the data, and/or to fix this I/O error… thanks to you all on advanced, for your help. For my experience, play safe, don’t buy WD! I’ve had to order a new seagate, but i really need to restore the data from it!

Greetings, FC

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