WD 1tb(external) Not Recognize ! (edit :solved)

Dear all,
I know this subject is old
but my external hard disk also failed because of same problem.

I tried all but my external disk is not showing
i used all u mentioned below.

please guide

Please help. I think have the same problem. WD appears under the device manager but does not show up in Computer. Model number is WDBAAR3200ABK-00. Light is on and creates a sound when WD is connected on the computer. I have tried several usb cables and different computers. I tried the solution jameskunn had suggested but Im afraid my WD still could not be detected. Tried “diskpart , list volume”. The list didnt seem to include my WD. I really need my files. Please help me.

I had the same problem, just got the drive, 1TD my passport external and it was not recognized automatically, i went to disk management on my computer management and performed Rescan Disks, then it appeared.

its really bad that the problem still exists since 2014!

my WD element is recognized by my computer.the problem is that when i try to copy or transfer anything it freezes .
any help please.

wd elements freezes in the middle of transferring files .anyone had this issue or know how to fix it.thank you

Hi, jameskunn. I cannot describe how grateful I am for your effort in presenting this solution. I was in a state of panic about losing valuable data due to a failed drive. I have never had to face this circumstance in all my years of working with digital devices until last year. From Apr 2016 to Jan 2017, two WD passport ultra drives failed–a 1 TB and a 2 TB. I spent months last year trying various remedies and finally bought software that recovered my data. This time, the software didn’t help, but instead, I was lucky to find your post and your solution worked beautifully. I am now in the process of developing multiple redundant systems. :wink: Thank you so much.

I am very glad to know you have recovered your data , although i consider
encrypting and uploading my important data on the internet as by best
policy, hope it helped.