WD 1tb(external) Not Recognize ! (edit :solved)

My wd 1tb external hard drive is not recognizing and if i do any thing to detect it  it freezes the whole thing 

Things that i already done :-

 1.) uninstalled USB ports , registries ,change usb port/cable. result : tried so many times but still not showing up.

 2.) I am using XP tried to use Disk managment . result : if i open disk managment after plugin in hard disk ,it won’t open,if i open it before and then try to locate external hard drive it freezes .  

 3.) Devce manager , if i open it and then plug in hardrive it shows the hardrive in disk drivers section and the USB controler section also have a entry named for my external hard drive it could be uninstalled (does’t matter still can’t open it)

 4.) CMD if i try to accesse it with CMD it will take some time and say “error performing inpage operation”

 5.) Next thing i did is use all the softwares and tools like test disk and wd softwares and many more but the bottom line is if i plug in my hard drive and do anything to access it(directly or indirectly) it will crash /freez/stop or won’t work .

possible resone :

   one time when i was using it  it stopped working and freezed so i directly removed the cable (" saftly remove" wasn’t working ) and thats how the whole thing started ,the only possible resone i can think of is it was set on" performence mode" and i removed it directly.

Edit: Solved 

Guys fixing this problem was surprizingly easy all i did was running CHKDSK /f & CHKDSK /r .it may take lot of time but this thing fixed my problem.

I can only think of testing another computer in order to compare performance and behavior. If it is the same, then I would suggest replacing the hard drive for free (Under warranty):




Thanks for coming back. Is there any chance to share with the WD Community the outcome? I’m sure it will become helpful to other Users.


I edited my question wrote the solution in the bottom already but i don’t mind writing it again :-



     step 1: open CMD type CHKDSK  /f  “x:” (x = ur currupted drive name) (/f means “fixing” the problem)

      it will run a 3 stage verification.

     step 2: type CHKDSK  /r  x: (/r means “repearing” the problem)

      it have 5 stages and could take a long time but it will repair ur drive .


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So what is CMD type ? please a novice here so step by step assumes i see whats on the screen ,to to try your fix …

Me too man, I have the same problem… If you already solved the problem, please tell me, call me on whatsapp or facebook: [[Deleted - Trancer]]


here’s a picture (Win7) to explain what jameskunn did …

jameskunn wrote:

My wd 1tb external hard drive is not recognizing 


    • *You said the fix is CHKDSK  /f  “x:” (x = ur currupted drive name).  If the external drive is not recognising (like mine) how do you know what “x” is?

maybe try ?    click “start”   type  cmd ,   diskpart ,   list volume 


Well, I followed this procedure and Still am unable to find my drive.  Should I need to do all this for a brand new drive? More importantly, what should I do NEXT?

wharke Diskpart.png

What is the drive make/model, size and connection type?

Hello Musicrab

This is my diskpart screen print


My 1TD “My Book Essential” is already connected to the system, however I am not able to view it in the DISKPART.

How do I proceed further ? What do I do to get my 1TD HDD detected ?

Awaiting your response.


Ritesh_A3 wrote:

Hello Musicrab


This is my diskpart screen print



Ritesh. Not sure why you are asking me but I’ll bite :-)  I can only see a grey triangle in the screen print. Is that corrrect?> When you run diskpart and type list volume what do you see?

how do get my drive’s name? It’s not in My pc window (not recognized) but is in device and printers window in control panel. they give the model but not the name. 

Harling_FTW wrote:

how do get my drive’s name? 

To run chkdsk you need the drive letter (see Ltr column is diskpart/list volume/ screens above.)

If Windows has problems accessing the drive the letter may not have been allocated. 

An alternative way is to run Start and type diskmgmt.msc

This will display volumes (disks).  If your drive is displayed without a drive letter  you can try and add a letter here.

If its a drive which is permanently connected to the computer (not USB) then the above all assumes that the drive is dispayed in the BIOS when the computer starts up.   If its a USB drive then I would investigate removing the drive from the USB enclosure and connecting it to a desktop computer directly.

Ya the derections on how to fix this is not clear I tried typing in the name of my passport and it keeps saying I have spelled it wrong

it works thank you so much and may God bless in Jesus’s name Amen

Does making this repair, erases the files on the external drive?!

CHKDSK  won’t delete any files.  But if the disk is broken to start with then you may have already lost some stuff.