WD-1TB-ExHD USB 3.0 - wont load/ boot with beeping sounds

Help please. I dont know what the problem could be since this is the first time I encountered a problem like this. my hard drive was with be for around 2-4 months now and I dont know why my computer suddenly stopped reading the hard drive. It also started making beepings sounds every 2-3 seconds. I tried replacing the USB cable and plugging it to different computers but it didnt solve the problem. If ever this is a dead hard drive, given the current warranty, could I get it fixed or repaired? I was hoping to recover my 800GB worth of valuable files. . .  … . … . 

thanks if ever…

Hi, you can try using another USB cable, also check if the hard drive is recognized on the disk management window. Check the link below for the steps. 


To replace the hard drive