WD 1TB Blue makes a buzzing noise and is not recognized

I have a WD Blue 1TB 2.5" and it just stopped working. The laptop took forever to pass post boot screen and then an error popped up saying no operating system. Contacted WD support and they said I have to send it back to the manufacture for warranty. The date on the drive is Sep 02, 2014, well under the 3 year period. I’ve escalated a claim and awaiting a response. Any feedback will help.

A hard drive failure requires a replacement. However, if that hard drive came with your laptop then it’s considered to be part of your laptop’s warranty.

OEM drives may not contain a warranty from Western Digital. When Western Digital sells hard drives to OEM computer manufacturers such as Dell, Compaq, Apple, etc, we sell these drives without warranty. The OEM computer manufacturer would include the hard drive under the warranty of the computer system that the hard drive was installed into.