WD 12tb my book - Not a tech. how to begin?

Bought this drive to keep all my photos on. I have never formatted a drive. I can answer simple questions. Have read the documentation and understand little of it. I want to set it up as a mirror option.
I will never use it as a backup of computer.
Which WD software will I use?
I have windows 10 what format are the drives shipped in and what should they be for me?
Don’t know what to do first, next etc.
Can I do this myself or should I hire a tech, if so, what skills needed.

You can download WD Utilities software. It has option for you to configure the device as Raid 1. It also has an option to configure RAID and format the drive for you.

included with the drive is a picture and a tool. do I have to open and try to follow the picture and put a screw in the drives? Why no instructions on the picture.?

The tool is only use for replacing a hard drive it it go bad. You just need to follow instruction on how to connect your device to your computer and run software.


I’ve been taking my time, very cautious. Purchased a good surge protector, found a good spot for drive and went for it last night. I downloaded only the utilities. After restart I ran RAID configuration and had success. I am moving my photos now and have tested that I can access them. Success! Thanks for helping.

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