Wd 1130 working on one computer won't show up on aother

I have a wd my book  3tg 1130. i have used it on multiple computers with no problems. plug it in and installs right away and never a problem.

i got it so can do backups and plugged it in to a hp compaq computer running xp. the drivers installed but the drive won’t show up. it does not even appear in disk management.

i had a older firmware on it so upgraded to latest and installed it to wd  while it was connexced to the compaq .

the firmware installer detected the drive and upgraded with no problem so obvioulsy the usb  is not the problem…

made  sure i had the latest drivers for 32 bit and the drive shows up under hard drives on device manager but still can’t access it and doesn’t show up in disk management.

any ideas?

Not sure what a TG is (TeraGig?) but I assume you mean a 3TB. If this is the case, than you can’t use the drive with Windows XP.


Since most versions of XP aren’t 64-bit, you will need to upgrade the OS in order to use the drive (or any other 3TB drive).