WD-10EACS bricked...any tricks for temporary fix?

WD-10EACS 1 TB internal SATA turned to a brick. Tried different SATA cables, different mobo ports, not detecting in (up to date) BIOS or in the Data Lifeguard. Is there some raindance/jerry rigged trick I can try just to have a chance to revive my old data? It’s only a slave drive, but it had a lot of cool stuff like all my Civilization 2 maps and Europa Universalis mods…anything would be nice.

If it matters mobo is Gigabyte GA-H110M-A, OS is Win 7 Ultimate. No problems with my primary boot drive or external.

Have you checked to see if the drive spins up… with computer off, connect power cable only and then power on the computer and listen to or feel the drive as the powere comes on… you will hear or feel if it spins up. If it does not, then a power problem, but likely internal to the drive. If it does, then either a physical or electronic problem. If physical you are likely to hear clicks, and this is not fixable, though a data recovery company may be able to recover for a price.
In my experience, the only way to get a drive with an electronic problem( includes power in some cases, drive motherboard)to work is to replace the motherboard with another from a same -model same size drive… I have had success with this method, but it is fiddly to do and requires exactly the same make/model/size drive with the same motherboard. You also should be aware that you need to protect from static discharge when doing this job.

No spin up, but it is a modern drive and quite quiet. I don’t really see how it could be a motherboard problem since the Master drive and other hard drives are fine. The problem drive is a Slave drive. It is not clicking, nor do I hear any sound at all, nor does it warm up after being installed for hours with computer running. I have tried different power units, different power cables, different SATA cables, and different motherboard SATA ports already. I do not hear, nor have I ever heard, any appreciable spin up sound or clicking sounds from this drive.