Wd 1023 1tb not showing up on my computer-windows 7

hi all,

i have a wd 1tb elements 1023 usb drive. almost full with data. i caan see it in the device manager n can install n uninstall the drivers n the drive but it still doesnt show up in ‘my computer’…

been trying different ideas and solutions given by people through google…

please help…coz this drive has a lot of important data…n i cant afford to format it…


Does the drive show in the Disk Manager and what does it say there?


 I had this very problem.

If you go to “Printers and Devices” does the drive appear there?

If it does, Right click , select properties / hardware / Properties / change settings / Driver / Disable… OK OK OK OK etc

Then do all that again and   / Enable.

Worked for me.

If you use this device on more than one Computer you may have to reset Permissions on the computer that you first plugged it into and make sure it is not Write Protected and that  it allows Full Control to all Users.

Hope this helps.