WD 1002FAEX died after only 22 days of usage- logical bad sector?

the only reason i bought black is for its reliability, but this one disappointed me

it was scanned for bad sector before using

but now, bad sector causing BSOD after 22 days of running, while the old blue bought 4 yrs ago still running well in the same computer.

CrystalDiskInfo shows 1 bad sector in C6 value

run diagnostic tool for windows, couldn’t even complete basic test

run diagnostic tool for dos, error message of irq timeout 0112 when trying to wrtie to zero (full) three times

with black being 33% more expensive of blue, does this 33% price jump represent 2 yrs extra warranty, not the quality/reliablity of the built?

  1. anyone got similar experience?

  2. and when RMA, does it normally get replaced or repaired only, considering its class and its pity short life?

  3. assuming it’s logical bad sector, which i thought it was, but how could ‘write to zero full’ fail?

One of my own WD1002FAEX was starting to fail December 26, 2010.  I was able to copy data off and then started the RMA process on January 6, 2011.  They received the drive January 10, 2011, confirmed by delivery receipt.  RMA sent a “confirmation” of drive received January 12, 2011 and replacement shipped.  Received the drive today (January 18, 2011) and the Black label has a manufacture date of December 25, 2010.  I guess it depends on what they have in stock but I think I “lucked out.”

thanks for sharing your exp.

have heard a couple of bad stories re this drive, but then again, until more incidents rise up on surface, i guess i too had bad luck

i gave in, took it to where i bought it from

unfortunately was told it’ll be 4 weeks wait

ps. i am in australia

That just “sad” and wrong!!!    WD is not very helpful for those who are not in North America.    The forums are not helpful with regional locations.

guys living in north america and europe got advanced replacement

pretty good service i would say

only if australia could have been included…

I did not use Advanced Replacement process.  Just use the Standard RMA process and it took just under two weeks.

in that case, i am gonna to call my computer shop today…