WD 1002 FAEX Caviar Black 1TB issues

WD 1002 FAEX Caviar Black  1TB issues

My game little frezee this after a very filling disk ands Windows Logs says (Disk Write Errors)
i tested this disk from Hard Disk Sentinel software Report:
1: ) OFF-line uncorrectable sector Count 147
2: ) Reallocated SECTORS Count!
3: ) Reallocated Event Count!

I have tried Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows tools Write Zero Full Erase and later Hard Disk Sentinel software Report this:

what can i do this issues

Is it possible to change the scope of warranty

thanks for help.

Hi well the black drives have 5 year warranty you can check the warranty here and also start the RMA.  http://support.wdc.com/warranty/index_end.asp?lang=en

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starting the RMA procedure :wink: