WD 10 EARS 4006 or 512 byte sector size

Cloning a defective 80G drive onto my new 1T 10EARS steamed me up quite a bit!

I’ve cloned drives for years and now WDC has screwed it up.

Please: DO NOT WRITE OS Specific stuff on the label…such as…

  Windows XP,…blah blah blah…

Pease DO WRITE 4096 / 512 Byte sector specific instructions on the label.

As a long time Unix/Linux server admin, I don’t care of Windows XP blah blah blah.

What ** IS ** important is that hard drives operate as BLACK BOXES.

You make it difficult for me and my colleagues to remain happy when you

make life difficult and don’t explain how to use the drive in 512 byte mode.

AAAARRRRGGGGGGGG !!!  doesn’t say enough!


Most WD drives are delivered packed in “electrostatic” protected bags with printing of a link to the WD’s Advanced Format page.  Advanced format is not “reserved” to WD but most every hard drive manufacturer have started using the 4K sectors of the new, larger hard drives of 2 TB or more.  Some 1TB drives also use the 4K drive.  However, here is the linkl to WD’s page:


BTW:  Acronis True Image 2011 and the WD version both seem to align aotumatically.  Also, you can clone any drive and the use one of the two (2) free Align tools after the clone is complete.