WD 1 TB HDD keeps disconnecting during file transfer when connected to USB 3.0

Help anyone,

I’m trying to transfer files to my WD 1 TB portable HDD ( passport) thru my notebook’s USB 3.0 . Unfortunately it keeps disconnecting and reconnects disrupting the file transfer.

Is there any update or ways I can solve this.

Many Thanks


Try checking the drive for problems with chkdsk or Data Lifeguard Diagnostics

if no problem you can try updating the drive’s firmware

I was reading the forum and after 2 weeks , I finally found a solution. The problem lies in the USB power setting in POwer Options within Windows.

The default is smart power saving for USB. This caused the Drive to get disconnected. You must access power management within control panel. Go to advance management and disable any smart power saving for the USB…

It solved the problem.

Dear Wizer, thanks for responding and I found the solution.

Try it out if you ever have the same issue,