WD 1.5TB My Book Essential wont work, light just keeps blinking but not connecting

I just recently started, i plug it into a usb port, and the drive just blinks for 10 min then stops and continues this cycle till i shut my computer down. its up to date and everything i just cant seem to find the problem.

Did you try moving cable to a different port?


yeah i tried all 8 of my usb ports, does the same thing, then it says driver discovering when i put my mouse over the SmartWare icon in the tray.

Did you overvolt the drive with the wrong adapter? Did you drop it?

If you are prepared to void your warranty, remove the drive from its enclosure and connect it directly to a computer motherboard. Alternatively, install it in a third party enclosure.

no i use the adapter that came with it, and havnt dropped it, i still have a year on the warranty tho

You need to decide if your warranty is worth more than your data. Alternatively, ask WD Tech Support if they will permit you to remove the drive from the enclosure.

Got the same thing. Light keeps flashing, even when I remove the USB cable. I think it’s because I dropped it once, is there anything I could do about this?

A typical consequence of dropping your drive is stiction or a seized spindle motor.

See this thread, but heed the warnings: