Way to replace enclosure to G-DRIVE Mobile USB3.0?

Hi, it’s only been a couple of months since I’ve gotten the drive and now I am only able to access the drive when holding it (and the connector) in a very specific position (which can’t be held for long at all). I’ve ruled out problems with the adapter cables themselves as I’ve tried several with the same results. The problem is the spot where the micro-USB cable would connect to the drive enclosure itself.
Is there a way I could either find a way to replace the enclosure myself (or at a local store) or do I have to send the drive back for a repair (under warranty)?

We would need to have it replaced under warranty most likely. Some of the older types of drives could be swapped more easily but that would void the warranty.

Your best option is to try and get the data off while you can access it, although not easily and then send it in for warranty by creating an RMA on our website here: RMA creation