Way over my head

I just purchased a WD TV Live Plus HD Media Player… I have hooked up a Seagate 2 TB external hard drive. I have also tried a Seagate 1 TB and also tried a Samsuge 1 TB. They all crash after 20 minutes or so. I have to unplug Player to restart. Im not using a computer just plugging externals into using USB and connecting to TV. I thought player was broken but after reading Community Posts there might well be other issues. Most all are over my head. I need steps by step map of how to sort through issues and fixes. I have looked at the compatibility list and that was not very helpful. My externals were not on it. So does that mean they definitely don’t work. Where is the incompatible list. But they did just fine for 20 minutes or so. Im not using on line Hulu or netflix not connected to a router. Frustrated for hours afraid I made another bad purchase. Using my laptop to play movies was heck of a lot easer. Was really hoping for plug and play. I would appreciate any help. Thanks

Ok the more exploring I do the more I learn. There are pictures for people like me. I am stationed on a boat in Prince William Sound for another 25 days I have limited to no internet can’t stream and downloading times out all the time. A couple of us had brought our Movie backup with us I was hoping the HID TV Player would play them I thought it was defective Guess not. I would like to know if the new update will fix the shutting down after 20 minute then unplug plug to restart problem. If I can capture the up date with timing out. I need a little explanation on how to get it into the Player. I have windows 7 64bit. I found the step by step pictures but I still don’t know how to access the root menu or apply it. Is the Taco a newbie thing its funny. You have a awesome forum a little hard to browse around with a bad internet speeds. Appreciate any pointers

So if I understand you have hooked up your external HDD, you can browse the content, and play a title for 20 minutes.  After 20 minutes what exactly happens:

  • does the unit become unresponsive, leaving only unplugging
  • does the video freeze, but you can back out of play-back
  • something else?

What type of files are you trying to play? and encoded in what format?  You can use an application like G-Spot to determine the codecs, etc if you don’t know. 

Are they HD videos? I have never had an issue playing from a USB drive or network share, but then I also don’t play HD content at this time. 

I finally got service back… Thanks for the feedback. My HD player Shuts off after 20 or so minutes of playing recorded movies on a External hard drive, not High Def or any thing cool. We can’t go on line with it or anything cool like that. The TV screen goes black and I  can’t get anything to come up with the remote control. I have left it plugged in and tried to access the HD player for the next couple hours to no avail. The only way to get the HD player to come back on is to unplug it wait a while and plug it in again then it plays a movie for 20 or so minutes then it shuts off again.

Yes I can browse. I have not tried to do that for 20 minutes

yes the HDD becomes unresponsive leaving only unplugging *

no the Video does not freeze no backing out of anything.

Im playing MP4.  Not using a network.

Not sure what g-Spot is (well)

not using HD videos.

It looks like its a common issue with the programming, Im hoping that a sure easy fix is offered by the time I can get a good connection