Wav files

i use my wd hub for music only (probably will get into video at a later date).  Anyway, I rip my cd’s and store them on the internal storage of the wd hub.  I have found that there are some WAV files, but not all, that don’t play.  Most play perfectly fine.  I can rip an entire cd and have one or two songs that will not play.  They all play fine on the computer.  Some ripped cd’s play okay all the way through.  But I seem to have issues playing some of them on the wd hub.  I started ripping to FLAC have had no problem at all.   I have expermented with different rippers…etc , with no luck.  Any Ideas on this issue?

My “Home & Away” message center for my home phone sends me an email attachment with a WAV file with the message left on the home phone. THis email is sent to my iPhone.

Nice feature. Now no matter where I am, I get message to me instantly.

Sometimes I keep these messages. Its the grandkids call, saying, “I miss you, love you.”

I keep a few other that make me laugh too.

I’d like to play them on the WDTV LH, but that do not play.

Any suggstions here?