Watching Youtube Trailers

When I try some trailers it won’t play and it says this video is not supported or allowed to play on the TV. I was wondering if anyone got around this?

I googled around and could not find much on seeing if we could actually see if a video is “TV capable” from the web so I could just edit xml files with working links. I did find that they don’t allow it b/c the uploader’s ads or whatever wouldn’t show on our TV when we watch the trailers.

Any help/insight is much appreciated.

Oh I am using hubflow to scrape all my files, is this solely due to hubflow or is other people having this issue with other methods of scraping?

I would say it’s a common problem as the you tube link sometimes uses links where watching on TV is not allowed. I have opened up the xml file and in the youtube area I have found some adrreses of trailers and copied and pasted them in place of the other address. Lately I have been using flixster on the menu to see all my trailers but since you are using another scraper and not the one WD has you may not see this option in your menu. If you do see it click on flixster and then you will see an icon to watch the trailer all of these have worked for me and they are in HD even though some appears to be lower quality

I had no idea all that info including the trailer was available in the Flixster option. I just assumed it wouldn’t work because I manually scraped it. Thanks!!

WD should implement watch Flixster trailer to save us the extra key presses :smiley: