Watching movie off MyCloud2TB on Roku using Roksbox, Help please

running a WD MyCloud 2TB drive for a while and using chaneru to great success to watch ripped movies on the TV via roku. But that channel was starting to have problems loading the file and it has a hard to navigate interface. So I went looking and found roksbox.

Problem seems to be that I cannot find how to access the video files on my drive via the roksbox.

On the chaneru I navigated each time “wdmycloud > videos > by folder > james > movies” I had to click through every time.

Trying the setup for roksbox it needs the ip address and the folder location, I entered in my web browser a ip of http :// which will bring me to the twonky server page for the MC. From there I can select videos and then movies to get me to: http ://, which does not work as a valid address for roxksbox.

Tried folder/james/movies

Nothing ever seems to get the files to show. I found one other guy who had same issues that seemed to post and run back in December. Someone said to use twonkey. The only twonkey options I can find using the roku is to use my ipad as a remote control to beam the movie. I just want a user interface to pull up movies on the roku without needing extra equipment.


Can roksbox play videos on your local hard drive?  If so, mount your MyCloud as a network drive adn see if you can stream from there. Windows Media Center had no problem finding and playing video across a network mount.

I have not tried that, but it brings me to needing to have the computer on 24/7 to serve up the videos. Something I am not opposed to since I have it running a 4 camera security setup.

After hitting the brick wall with roksbox I tried Plex. As above, I wanted to remove the computer from the equation. Something I was able to do with chaneru. Absent hearing back on the roksbox developers on their roku forum help area, I think I will stick with Plex and leave the PC running.


You could also use Serviio, which I think has much faster and better transcoding than Plex, by using the steps I outline in this thread -

My reply is the third one.