Watch videos from my cloud without to download them for extern

i would like to know if it is possible to watch videos on a ordner from all around the world with the internet site of my cloud.
Thanks you very much for your answer.

You need to visit the Learning Center and find out more about WD My Clouds.

What is a ordner?


I think ordner, if it isnt a typo might be ordinateur, which would be french for computer.
By default it is not possible to just watch stuff on your mycloud without first downloading the whole video, through the android app, for example. Which is pretty ■■■■ in 2016 but at least I didn’t buy the thing expecting that functionality.

It can be enabled with via webdav, but it will probably only work if you have really decent internet (which i do not).

some useful info i had saved in a text file about how to get it up and running and a config file which actually works (seem to recall none of the http config i was able to find at the time I was getting it working actually worked):

ServerAdmin webmaster@localhost
  #our webdav stuff
   DocumentRoot /shares
   <Directory /shares>
   Options Indexes MultiViews FollowSymLinks
   AllowOverride None
   Order allow,deny
   allow from all
   Alias /webdav /var/www/webdav
   <Location /webdav/>
   DAV On
   AuthType Basic
   AuthName "WebDAV-Realm"
   AuthUserFile /etc/apache2/passwd.dav
   Require valid-user
 #end of webdav stuff

Not necessarily true. The video will start playing as its being downloaded, same with Music. Currently the My Cloud for Android mobile app will play music within the WD mobile app where as the video is played with a third party app (I use MX Player).

WD disabled the full WebDAV when they revamped the web portal and released the OS3 My Cloud firmware. One can use the CloudDAVMod to access the My Cloud remotely using WebDAV. One can stream video from the web interface of the CloudDAVMod in addition to mapping the My Cloud remotely.