Watch streamed TV


I’ve made a small upnp server that alows me to add a media server to wd hd tv live media player.

So far so good. It works i can see the chanels but i cannot play the streaming.

The streaming is done using vlc and a dvb adatptor, so it`s basicaly simple TS. The video is mpeg2 and audio is mpega. When i try to view the stream it does not show any picture and i can only hear a sound for a few seconds.

I have also tested my aplication on cinematube and evrething works perfectly there. I am unable to analyze the errors.

Does wd have a log file accessible or how can i track the error. Is anyone at wd intrested in this discution or i should not ask such things?

So we are clear the stream is TS ( Transport Stream) video is mpeg2 and audio is mpga.