Watch Hulu, Netflix, etc.. on HDLIVE

I finally gave up on Tversity and tried out Playon and it works great. I’ve been watching Hulu, ESPN, CBS, Netflix, etc. on my HDLIVE with no problems all day. However, Playon isn’t free and will run you 40 bucks after the 15 day trial. However, having the ability to watch Hulu on the HDLIVE was worth the money.

You can get it at

PlayOn has been mentioned here:

And if you want to add your vote to have Netflix officially supported by the WDTV Live you can vote for it here:

Click the big arrow on the left.

Did you do anything special to get Hulu to play with Playon?  I get the message “Unable to play selected file. Please refer to user manual for supported file formats.”

Hulu uses Flash Video (according to Wikipedia) which is not listed in the WD TV Live manual.

Found the answer - it’s a Playon patch, linked in the technical support button on the Playon settings interface:

Worked great.

How fast is playon working working for you? Do you get image instantly or you have to wait like 20-30 sec?

Do you know if there is a Linux equivalent to PlayOn?  Running Ubuntu over here and trying to find a way to stream Hulu to the WD TV Live