Wasted a complete day

Spent all day trying to resurrect a NEW WD5000 Caviar Blue 3.5 hard drive.  Ran data figured full erase, and wrote the drive to zero’s.  Then I ran a full test even after it passed the quick test. Full test passed also.  Installed drive into computer, and loaded windows XP Pro. This time it did format and load.  Booted it up a couple of times, and it seemed to be working. Then I hooked it to a USB external, and attempted to clone my existing XP onto this new hard drive using aconis. Would not clone.  Then after I rebooted it again it wasn’t recognized. So I have done the write to 0’s again, and have again done the full test.

This time I am going to attempt to use Acronis right from the fresh drive and see what happens.

There is really no excuse for this drive not working properly.

If you had a FAILED attempt to clone - that could explain why the drive was not recognized after the reboot. Personally I would not waste any more time writing zeros - just format the drive and clone from an internal connection if you have the option to connect that way.