Warranty Question - Scorpio Black WD5000BPKT - 5 or 3 Years?

When inquiring into warranty status on the above drive (which has failed), the website indicated this drive has a 5 year warranty and an agent said it expired at 3 years. When I look at WDC’s own published warranty information from 2011 it shows 5 years. The drive was purchased from a licensed reseller.

Was there a warranty coverage change on these drives after 2011? Thanks.

Hi, the warranty for this drive is currently 5 years, maybe the agent got confused with the warranty from other drive.

The reason why the drive shows that is out of warranty is because WD uses the warranty from the manufacturing date, but is you contact support with the proof of purchase and they will be able to update the warranty to the purchase date. We have also passed this along to support, please check your private messages.