Warranty on Pi Drive and SSD option


What is the warranty on the PiDrive 314GB drive? Is it 3 year or 5 year?

Also, I would prefer not to use a spinning drive with my Raspberry Pi but I do see a great benefit to adding safer storage to my Raspberry Pi. I’d like to suggest an SSD drive option (which I know will cost more than the hard drive).

Thank you.

Hi, the PiDrive warranty is two years. We’re planning to add SSD, but I don’t have details yet. We’ll provide info as soon as we can.

Thanks for connecting with us!

Considering that one can buy 60GB SATA-III SSDs for about $30 (new), a moderate sized SSD version of the PiDrive shouldn’t be terribly expensive. Making one with a native USB 3 interface to fit the 314GB PiDrive case would be an elegant feature…

I just bought the Pidrive 1TB and still interested in a somewhat larger SSD for my project.
Which consists of a Plex Mediaserver, AP and imagetank to be used when on long trips so my daughter has more to do then coloring and such during those trips on holidays. :wink:

A SSD will be a thumbs up from me.