Warranty on 2 TB Caviar (dropped in case)

I have a 2 TB Caviar internal drive used for backup. I had it in a plastic case and gave it to a neighbor for safe keeping while we were out of town. Neighbor dropped the drive (approx 4 ft) while in the case and it no longer functions. What is my best course of action to see if the drive is reparable? Is there a shock detector in the drive case? Drive is still under warranty.

Thanks   Phil Fisher

If it’s not recognized on the disk manager (Windows) or disk utility (Mac) replace it. 

It is not recognized.

No chance of repair or would repair exceed new cost?

Data on drive not important.

Phil Fisher

Hi yes repair would cost more than a new drive. Also when you return a drive for rma they read the smart data and what they call  g-sence data. This reports if the drive has been dropped and would void the warranty. 

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Thanks Hammey…

I’ll just replace

P Fisher