Warranty - HDD not damaged but defective motor/hardware

Hi there,

sorry for the confusing title but it was kind of hard to put it correctly in a few words.

One of my WD Elements just stopped working in the middle of being connected to my PC.

It’s still in warranty so I decided to open up an RMA case.

Since I work in IT I think it’s just the motor that isn’t working properly anymore (the HDD starts, beeps/cracks two times, shuts down (stops spinning) and starts again).
It wasn’t moved or shaken.

If I’m correct and it’s just a hardware issue, would it be possible to send the HDD to WD in an RMA case and they just replace that faulty hardware-part instead of deleting/destroying the whole disk? Or do they only check if it works, if not you’ll get a blank new one?

Does anyone have experience with this? Because if it’s really just the motor I’d atleast try to fix it myself or give it to someone who can fix it.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @chbo,

I suggest you to test the drive health status through Western Digital Dashboard and share the test results with us.

Title: Testing a drive for problems using The Western Digital Dashboard
Link: https://wddashboarddownloads.wdc.com/wdDashboard/DashboardSetup.exe

Also, Please contact WD’s Technical Support for drive warranty and replacement:

To Contact WD for Technical Support